sample from the Pfizer podcast "Menopause Unmuted" (©2022 Pfizer Inc.)

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin is a professor at the Yale University School of Medicine and is in private practice at Yale New Haven Hospital. She is nationally known in the field of gynecology and has won numerous teaching awards. Hear her podcasts at and

"Curt has done an amazing job of helping me organize our interviews and recording them very professionally"
- Dr. Mary Jane Minkin (read full review)

sample from the Wisdom Labs, Inc. app "Wise@Work" (©2018 Wisdom Labs, Inc.)

Featured client Ike Lasater is a world renowned author, mediator, trainer and speaker. CMC Studios produced audio for the app Wise@Work. We learned a ton from our session with Ike and highly suggest you look into this app and his many other releases that are available!

"I really liked working with Curt and was very satisfied with the quality of the recording"
- Ike Lasater (read full review)

sample from the nationally released audiobook "Blank Canvas" (©2023 Craig Stanland)

Featured client Craig Stanland is an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Reinvention Architect. Craig's mission revolves around guiding individuals from the anguish of unfulfillment into the joy of a purpose-driven life of meaning. Curt produced his audiobook "Blank Canvas"

"Curt brings tremendous knowledge, attention to detail, and passion to his work and is fun to work with!"
- Craig Stanland (read full review)

sample from the Penguin Random House audiobook "Diagnosis" (©2019 Lisa Sanders)

Featured client Dr. Lisa Sanders is the Medical Director of Yale's Long Covid Multidisciplinary Care Center. In addition to her work as a physician and teacher, she is an author as well. CMC Studios provided production for her audiobook Diagnosis and Netflix show of the same name!

"CMC Studios was great. I recorded an audio version of my book and Curt was wonderful to work with"
- Dr. Lisa Sanders (read full review)

CMC Studios is a full service New Haven, CT based recording studio that creates broadcast quality audio to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

CMC Studios is hands down the most professional, affordable and comfortable facility in the area. Don't be fooled by endless equipment lists (it's SKILLS that matter most)... Pro Gear + Pro SKILLS = Pro results. CMC Studios has both.

CMC Studios has dozens of rave reviews and a perfect five star rating on Google for good reason! Owner Curt Carbone handles all projects which ensures that everyone always gets the same consistent, proven results...


Audio Production Services Feature:

• Broadcast quality Recording, Editing and Mastering

• iMac Pro loaded with the best outboard gear emulations available

• Large selection of incredibly realistic virtual instruments

• Very comfortable environment allowing you to perform your best

• World class session musician services available for your project

Google Reviews (read all)

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Jake Halpern

"I am a longtime NPR contributor and have worked with sound technicians and studios across the United States. Curt was a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with"... Read Full Review

Jocelyn Ruggiero

"We worked with Curt over the course of two days on several hours of podcast recordings. Curt was friendly, professional and accommodating"... Read Full Review

Jack Hitt

"When I see that CMC Studios will be handling a tricky interview or difficult track for the show, I am always confident because Curt is in charge of the engineering"... Read Full Review