Vinnie Penn

Featured client Vinnie Penn is a very experienced radio host (WELI, KC101), author and comedian. Visit his website at

Curt edits audio and video for me and also designed my website - his work is 100% professional, state of the art and he is genuinely FUN to work with! Only thing missing is the high price tag you normally have to pay for this level of quality and service. Why in the world go anywhere else ? - Vinnie Penn

CMC Studios has been designing professional and affordable websites in the Greater New Haven Connecticut area since 2001. CMC Studios is owned and operated by Curt Carbone, a multimedia expert, who solely performs each and every function in the studio ensuring that every client gets the same professional and consistent proven results!

CMC Studios sets itself apart by designing sites that are simple and elegant (with powerful technology beneath the surface) allowing your visitors to experience your content presented in a highly functional environment that is visually appealing, uncluttered, easy to navigate and that you would want to return to. Most competitors sites are extremely overpacked with the designer just showing off their skills - this does NOT help you reach your goals. Take a look at Apple (one of the most successful companies in the world) who sells very complex products - notice the general feeling of "ease of use" (which their products also represent) - this is the design philosophy here at CMC Studios. Powerful, elegant and effective design.

CMC Studios employs current and advanced technologies to ensure your website is state of the art and performing perfectly to accomplish your goals. Focus is always on planning, executing and achieving exactly what you have in mind. Excellent communication makes the process a rewarding and exciting experience as you witness your website come to life!

Our Website Design Services Include:

• Website upgrades and remodeling

• Brand new website creation from concept to completion

• Professional audio and video production for website integration

• Social media setup and integration including Facebook and Twitter

• Paypal processing for online acceptance of all major credit cards

• Search Engine Optimization to make sure you can be found

Featured client Cathryn Kenzel is a professional vocalist, instructor and performer. Cathryn's students have gone on to perform on Broadway and TV and in movies! CMC Studios designed her website (, as well producing her videos and albums.

Curt is extremely professional and easy to work with and his prices are great. I have worked with him on many levels and the end product is always something I am very proud of. If you want an absolutely professional and effective product, the best choice is definitely CMC Studios. There's a reason I've stayed with CMC Studios for decades! - Cathryn Kenzel

CMC Studios - Website Design

Featured client Caitlin Hale is a very accomplished actress and spokesperson. In addition to designing her website, our video production services assisted her in landing leading roles in Paramount Picture’s major motion picture "School of Rock", ABC's "All My Children" and many others!

CMC studios is equipped to handle multimedia projects from beginning to end with superior quality at affordable rates. I've known Curt for 15 years and his professionalism, sound mastery, and great sense of humor amplify your CMC Studios experience. Highly recommend! - Caitlin Hale

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Vinnie Penn

"Hey there, it's Vinnie host of "The Vinnie Penn Project" on WELI 960 Radio. Listen, I've been in radio for a long time (formerly with KC101) and certainly know broadcast quality production and that's what you get at CMC Studios. Curt edits audio and video for me and also designed my website - his work is 100% professional, state of the art and he is genuinely FUN to work with!"... Read Full Review

Chris Montgomery

" I read the numerous reviews which are stellar and thought I'd check him out and take his free studio tour. OMG. Could not believe the level of skill he has in so many areas, this dude is a genius and I made a deposit on the spot to start work! I now am enjoying tremendous success from the incredible work he has done for me."... Read Full Review

Catherine Kuenzel

"I have been doing business with the most talented guy I know for well over 20 years now! He can do everything from recording your album, producing your videos and creating your website. There isn't a multimedia question he can't answer or content he can't produce. (He plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards all at Master level and has the best ear anywhere to boot!) Curt is extremely professional and easy to work with and his prices are great."... Read Full Review