• Study with Curt Carbone, a top notch educator
and performer with over 30 years experience...

• All students have access to unique and greatly
beneficial online tools to speed development...

• Emphasis is placed on playing in a group context utilizing
custom backing tracks and the full power of the studio.

• Music lessons available for: Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards


Music Theory | Technique | Composition | Performance

 "I have developed a system that you simply will NOT find on YouTube (or anywhere else) that will allow you to MASTER any style (and just about any instrument for that matter)... study with me and learn how to completely connect with music!... play ANYTHING - Curt Carbone

CMC Studios - Music Lessons

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Calvon Jones

"As a student of Yale, away from my home-state and new to the area, I wanted to find the best music studio in the area.  I must say, Curt is one of the most skilled and gifted musical instructors in this nation.  His ability to work and create is par excellence.  His expertise is centered in respect and perfection."... Read Full Review

Lou D'Amato

"I have been working with Curt for 20+ years. I've studied music with him (he now teaches my children), recorded, produced videos, websites and performed together in several groups. Curt plays many instruments and styles and can play/produce just about anything. His ear is INCREDIBLE (learns songs on one listen!). His studio and methods are so welcoming and comfortable that you'll find you can't wait to come back. Please contact him and see for yourself. You will be amazed."... Read Full Review

Vincent Corvari

"I have been with CMC Studios for around 10 years now. Curt's method simplifies and breaks down even the most technically difficult concepts allowing relatively ease to absorb and master them - I can't imagine getting this anywhere else. I have also done many recordings and videos with Curt and he created and maintains my website! This guy can do it ALL and do it WELL."... Read Full Review