Please read the FAQ before contacting me and understand that I can only respond to questions not already addressed.
Please email me using the form below. No calls or texts (interrupts sessions). Calls by email appointment only. Thanks!
I can no longer offer demos, but please allow my reviews to put you at ease. Most new clients start with just an hour booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read my agreement at for studio policies and prices... let me know if you have any questions or would like to make a booking... I would recommend starting with just an hour session which always has worked best.... please checkout my reviews to see what people have to say and rest assured that I will provide you the same exact quality, affordability and experience!

The cost for producing a song depends on many variables, so there's no real answer to this question... what I can say is that I am extremely efficient and professional and you'll definitely get the best sounding production and for a great price... don't take it from me - please check out my reviews if you haven't already and see what everyone else says...

Cash, checks (not for deposits) and all major credit/debit cards. Credit card payments require fee (details at

Open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 11:00pm... some weekends are also available, please inquire for availability)... CMC Studios is located at 530 Fort Hale Road, New Haven CT with easy access from 1-95 (both North and South)...

Mastering is the final stage of professional audio production that is often overlooked or performed by amateurs that don't know what they are doing! Mastering requires very specialized software and SKILL to give your tracks that final touch - this is done by adjusting the volume, dynamics, EQ and more to ensure your track plays well on a variety of systems including radio, TV, computers, phones, car stereos etc.

I can comfortably accomodate 6-8 adults... for recording, I can work with much larger groups when the tracks are laid down in smaller sections (overdubs)...

We focus on controlled video production where a single camera can be used to shoot takes at various angles and then combined in post production... The result looks extremely professional and as if shot by an entire camera crew although it wasn't... this technique will save you a ton of money and get you the same (or better) result that shooting live with an actual crew!

Yes, we can create a beat from scratch and the benefit is that it will be 100% original and only yours with no worries aboutever being sued (it happens!)... however, you can also use beats you found elsewhere (but the studio is not liable for any copyright violations)...

CMC Studios is a one man operation and I have never had employees or the ability to offer apprenticeships and internships.

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