Frequently Asked Questions

Recording a song depends on many variables, so there really is no one answer to this question...

Do you need musicians ?, will you be recording to a beat or pre existing track ?, how many takes will you need to perform ?

Mastering is the final stage of professional audio production that is often overlooked or performed by amateurs that don't know what they are doing! Mastering requires very specialized software and SKILL to give your tracks that final touch - this is done by adjusting the volume, dynamics, EQ and more to ensure your track plays well on a variety of systems including radio, TV, computers, phones, car stereos etc...

session musicians are outside players that you hire to perform on your project and may include a drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist and other musicians.... one of the HUGE advantages of CMC Studios is that we offer all the instruments mentioned in ONE person and at a very high level - you'll save alot of time and money because we can play nearly ANYTHING and INSTANTLY and professionally with minimum time needed to learn and rehearse!!! check us out!!!

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