"CMC Studios was great. I recorded an audio version of my book and Curt wonderful to work with. He has a discerning ear. He was thoughtful and smart with his suggestions. And the recordings were very high quality".

  • Dr. Lisa Sanders

Vinnie Penn

Featured client Vinnie Penn is a mega talented radio host, author and comedian and has been with CMC Studios for over 10 years...
CMC Studios does everything from audio, video and website design for Vinnie... "Your One Stop Multimedia Shop"!

Please visit Vinnie's site and see our work at: www.VinniePenn.net

CMC Studios is a New Haven, CT based recording studio featuring the latest recording gear and technology and excellent sound. The goal is to provide the most professional, affordable and comfortable facility in the area. Everyone who records at CMC Studios enjoys top-notch quality, excellent communication and always comments on what a fun and rewarding experience they had working on their projects... 

Our Audio Production Services Feature:

• HD Recording, Editing and Mastering in full 64 bit resolution

• World class session musician services available for your project

• Expert compositional, arranging and marketing services

• Format conversion from any format to another

CMC Studios only uses high quality professional grade gear - of course anyone can go buy the same gear, the real difference is in the skills of the engineer... Pro gear in the hands of amateur engineer = amateur product!

Another huge advantage is the environment at CMC Studios... comfort is essential to get the best results when working on your projects - especially music... there is absolutely no intimidating vibe you may experience at other studios... we strive to make every session highly enjoyable...

Pro Gear + Expert Skills = Pro Results

Don't be seduced by other studio's endless equipment lists - gear alone means nothing!... you no longer need a mixing board the size of your living room to get pro results...

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Al Leone

Curt has professionally produced many recordings, videos and websites for both my music business as well as for products and inventions I have developed over the years. Curt is also a seriously talented musician (plays EVERYTHING) and has recorded and performed with me in my various musical groups over the years. Curt is amazing, period."... Read Full Review

Alain Elektric

"Curt created several original tracks for my upcoming album totally from scratch - played ALL the instruments including drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. I don't know of any studio that offers all this, in ONE person no less. I'll be doing my website and music videos with Curt too, everything he offers is 100% professional"... Read Full Review

Leroy Christie

"AWESOME! No other word describes the quality, experience and value you receive at CMC Studios. Curt's multimedia production and musical skills are first rate and he has a great personality. Curt works with very sophisticated and advanced technology ensuring you get the best professional results possible yet makes everything so easy to understand and enjoyable for his clients"... Read Full Review